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Real estate sector

A former factory site makes way for an entire new district

Having shifted its production facilities elsewhere, the Cham Paper Group's activities in Cham will now focus on research and development, sales and product distribution and holding company activities. This created scope to create a development of a totally different type on the company's former factory site. The Cham Paper Group submitted an application for the rezoning of the Papieri-Areal back in March 2012 and it was this that marked the first step towards the revitalisation of the Papieri-Areal. Since then, the consortium of owners and the Municipality of Cham have been working in close collaboration for planning the site, which covers an area of 120,000 square metres. Also included in the planning process are the most important stakeholders and the population of Cham itself.

Living and working, proximity of services and leisure opportunities

Each of these aspects is intended to contribute towards a shared vision, namely that the Papieri-Areal must incorporate a variety of architectural styles and pay homage to the site's origins in the manufacturing of paper. The intention is to create an attractive mix of homes, offices, leisure facilities and gastronomic units and turn the area into a popular meeting point for the entire community in Cham. Ecological construction and energy efficiency are also important to the stakeholders: The reconditioned hydraulic power station is intended to provide for a portion of the energy needs of the new urban district. It will still be some time before the first residents are able to move in. Until the starting signal is given for the alterations and construction work, a large number of interim tenants are making use of the vacated buildings.

A Master Plan has been developed

During the 2014 financial year, the Cham Paper Group set the parameters for the construction project that is set to take place on the Papieri-Areal. In June 2014, an assessment panel unanimously recommended the project proposal produced by the Nussbaumer, Boltshauser, Appert and Zwahlen team during the course of the study commissioning process for further elaboration. The corresponding Master Plan and Outline Plan have been available since early 2015 and these will be used to produce the building plan for the site during the course of this year. An appealing aspect of the plan is its variety of building types, which include five high-rise blocks, in conjunction with a carefully-considered refunctioning of existing buildings. The historic boiler house is to be retained and the former factory buildings along the bank of the River Lorze will be combined with the newly-constructed buildings to form a lively street. In the northern part of the site, the Teuflibach forest will merge into the Papieri-Areal and will ensure that there will be a smooth transition from the new district into the existing recreational area.

A vision becomes reality

In January 2015, a workshop was held, in which the population of Cham was heavily in favour of the proposed developments and open areas that form part of the Master Plan. Having achieved this level of support, the building plan is now under development. This jointly-held vision is set to become reality by the summer of 2016, as it will be at that time that electors in the Municipality of Cham will cast their votes in relation to the building plan and the rezoning that will be required.

Development of the Real Estate vision from 2015 onwards

In order to drive forward the development of the Papieri-Areal, the Cham Paper Group is developing a Real Estate team of its very own. Heading up this new division is Andreas Friederich, who has been a member of the Management Team at the Cham Paper Group since 1 July 2015. Andreas Friederich reports directly to the newly created Real Estate Committee that forms part of the Board of Directors. The Committee is made up of Philipp Buhofer and Niklaus Peter Nüesch, as well as external real estate experts. Claude Ebnöther will also supervise the development project and will take special responsibility for coordinating with the local authorities and government offices on a communal and cantonal level.




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